Roof Restoration

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There are lots of roof restoration services out there, and not all companies will be equivalent. If you’re presented with high bills or find that your roofing or painting job isn’t up to standard, this checklist can help you choose the best roof restoration company.

Are We licensed?

Fully licensed roof restoration business are a good idea. It will reveal that they are committed to high-quality work, professional service, and quality craftsmanship. The NSW Fair Trading website can assist you identify if a roofing company is licensed. We are completely licensed to provide all roof restoration solutions.

Do We Have insurance?

The following requirements apply to all roof-restoration companies:

  • Public liability insurance: This covers roof restoration companies if somebody is hurt as a result of roof repair or roof painting. You could also be responsible if the tradesperson or contractor does not have the best type of insurance.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance or WorkCover is available to secure workers from injuries on the job site. Employers who aren’t insured might make you responsible for any claims.
  • Contract work insurance: This covers damage or loss to work and materials. This insurance is required by roof restoration companies. If they do not have it, there are dangers of delay and incontinence if the materials become damaged or lose.

The NSW Fair Trading Department lists all types of insurance that are needed by roof restoration organizations.

Our Public liability insurance is available for 10 million dollars. We also offer WorkCover and contract work insurance. The insurance covers roof repair, painting and restoration of roofs. It is available for domestic and corporate property. It provides you with assurance in case of damage or loss to your property due to our work or accidents at the website.

Is their assistance provided by significant brand names?

It is essential to verify that the roofing company has appropriate insurance. In addition, you ought to inspect if the paint maker backs the roof restoration business. This might provide extra guarantees on roof restoration work. Affordable Roofer has a 10-year Dulux guarantee for roof repairs and roof painting.

Are We Budget-friendly?

Restoration can make your house or business look new again for a portion of the expense of replacing a roof. It often produces comparable results. Restored roofs will increase the value of your house and provide a high return on investment.

We provide free price quotes and inspections. This is the very best way to know the true cost of any work that you are considering. Our experts will go over the numerous choices with you after an inspection. Often a roof may not appropriate for restoration. In these cases, a replacement is more cost-efficient.

It is impossible to precisely estimate the cost of roof restoration without an inspection. However, this page will give you an example.

Work Period

It takes really little time to end up a job. Some jobs can take just 2 days, while others are completed in one week. You can have repairs done without impacting your every day life and home.

We work with many roofing contractors so your work request will be assigned to the closest roofer. They are also the ones who have the most availability and can respond quickly. It leads to shorter wait times and faster job conclusion.

Why Choose Us?

We can help you with a roofing service for your commercial or domestic properties. We can customize our services to match your needs.

One of our customer care representatives will take your call and link you to the closest roofer who is certified in meeting all your roofing requirements.

Roof Restoration vs. Roof Replacement

Sometimes, it is better to replace a roof than restore it. Our specialists will inspect your roof and advise you if it needs to be changed or restored.

House owners are typically worried about how much it will cost to replace their roofs. They may postpone this job because they think they can not manage the cost. This is a job you can make an financial investment in and conserve money on. You don’t need to delay getting a roof replaced because of issues about the cost. This work will conserve you time and money.

It’s much better than investing more money on repairs that will never be completed. You will be able to conserve money on repairs, as well as save money on energy expenses and general secure your home. Nevertheless, do not hurry to replace your roof before we inspect it!

Roof Restoration Process

Step 1: Inspection

Inspection of the whole roof for damage, missing or loose bed linen, moss, and lichen.

Step 2: Repair/Replace

We replace damaged tiles or defective valley irons

Step 3: Clean

A high-pressure cleaner is utilized to clean the roof. To protect the environment, no chemicals are utilized.

Step 4: Rebed

If essential, all ridge caps are rebedded.

Step 5: Make a point

The ridge cap is then repointed using a versatile acrylic pointing mixture.

Step 6: Sterilise

If needed, fungal or Algal development must be eliminated before any re-coating can begin.

Step 7: Primer/Sealer

To ensure that the 962 Roof Membrane will adhere well, the acrylic primer/sealer is applied to all roof surfaces,

Step 8: Roof Membrane

The 962 Roof Membrane is a Water-based, elastomeric covering with a high build for concrete and metal roof tiles. It offers ultimate protection, durability, and colour retention. It is also weatherproofed. For total protection, 2 coats are needed, one at least 4 times thicker than the paint.

Affordable Roofer offers professional roof restoration solutions. Roof cleaning, roof painting, and repairs to terracotta roofing tiles are all available. For a quote on roof insulation, roofing insulation, and roof gutter maintenance, contact us now.

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